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I feel unaccomplished.

A little update: I've immediately and carefully decided to continue pursuing my career in aviation and out of nowhere, within 2 freakin days I already have an ojt, and I also decided to continue learning about forex market for an extra income. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me insights and advice!! It really helped me think more outside of the box and consider things that I haven't considered before!! Keep safe to all!
I am 22F, still don't have any first job and it kills me. So here's bit of my timetable: graduated march last year and spend months after reviewing for my board exam. Nov 2019, pumasa naman but I haven't planned anything forward from that point, because lowkey hoping my father would grant me his floating promise for me that if I could pass my board exam, pag-aaralin nya ako sa flight school wc is my biggest dream. He said yes..... but the money he had would first be used by my older sister (for her nz show money and stuff) so I was left waiting (but now not hoping). I decided to apply for a job pero jobs in our industry were first given to those with referrals.. or maybe I'm just not qualified enough.. So I end up studying again with a program aligned with my career pero boom covid naman. Bagsak industry. Tried to apply for online jobs pero they don't accept my application because of our slow internet connection na tinatry namin ipa-upgrade pero still waiting for 3months and counting na (is this a valid hardship lol?? :( )
Now I'm studying stock and forex market. I've finished most of the studying but now I can't help but to think of it more as, like, gambling and can't really tell if this could be a valid first real job where I could get income from kasi you would, most likely, also lose money because risks, right? I haven't even started trading real money yet because the funds will come from my father, and this, again, made me feel like I'm a burden (more like palamunin) in this house, like I'm 22?? Shouldn't I be working now..... I can't help but compare myself to my friends who works their asses off and earn 5 digits while here I am eating off of my parents' monies..
I'm really torn because I don't know if I should still hold on to my past industry which, as of the moment, is still trying to regain strength or move on and invest my time more on trading now and try to make it as my main source of income. Hoping for more insights. Thank you so much.
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Serverless Applications - behind the hype

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